Stocking Fillers with Sparkle for Less Than £15

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Lion Sparkles is your go to for stocking fillers under £15!

Folks we’re very definitely now in the green light timezone for Christmas shopping and if you’re anything like us at The Lion Sparkles, you’ll have no trouble purchasing main presents for your nearest and dearest but unique stocking stuffers to provide those extra special smiles on Christmas morning are harder to come by.

Fear not friends, we’ve got you sorted and are proud to showcase just a selection of the very many special treasures you’ll find on the website that will be sure to put the finishing touches on the special day.

And the best part? Everything listed here is a stocking stuffer under £15 AND we offer free UK delivery across the whole site! So if you see a bigger gift that will ensure your loved one is living their best lives and letting the sparkle they carry inside shine loud and bright, you can probably shop for everyone all in one go!

BUT back to the stocking stuffers….. are you ready to see ten stocking stuffers for under £15? Of course you are.

So let’s start by reminding you that our products are as diverse as they come – we’re not targeting boys or girls, men or women – we’re like the rainbow! But these cute little bumbags are definitely for the children, unless you’ve got tiny tums! For just £12 each these are the perfect addition to a stocking on the fireplace.

You want thingamabobs.. we got plenty. This range of bedazzling hair clips are enough to brighten the dreariest of days and pin down that frizz they might have brought on and starting at just £5 they’ll add some necessary bling to your stocking.


And for the little ones who need help keeping their tresses pinned back…. we’ve got options to suit all tastes for just £6 a pair!


Now you might argue that the sun doesn’t shine in the bleak midwinter but if you’re in the Lion Sparkles pride you’ll be shining so bright you’ll need to protect your eyes from your fabulousness! These sunglasses will take you from zero to I am a superhero instantly.

So your style may be ON FIRE but we need to make sure you’re kept warm. Treat the little ones you love to the cosiest of beanies for just £12!

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What better way to remind someone you love of their brilliance than by treating them to a keyring that will accompany them on all of their epic adventures. We offer a range and in real leather and starting at just £5 these little beauties are also perfect to stuff in home made Christmas crackers!



Our new collection of sparkle and shine will ensure you’re the gift giver of the season. Who doesn’t love to find a little bit of treasure in their stocking? At just £15 these stocking stuffers won’t break the bank but will bling up your besties.

Handbags. Pleasing women and little girls particularly since the dawn of time. Well maybe not that far back, but certainly as long as we can remember. Please the tiny people in your life (and we’ve seen little boys rock a handbag better than Beyoncé) no matter what their size with a whole range of bags in the under £15 price bracket.

And here’s an option for the little fishies in your life. Swimming lessons will be yet another opportunity for your tiny ones to showcase their style with this crab and fish beauties! At just £13 each what’s not to love!


Finally.. and this is a big one……if you could give the gift of a brilliant night’s sleep why on earth would you not? A Spacemask at just £3.50 (sold in a box of five for £15) is the stocking stuffer that offers the biggest feeling of gift giving smugness for the smallest amount of cash. Your friends and family will love you forever for giving them the gift of deep, sweet sleep.


There we go. It’s been almost impossible to narrow down our entire collection of low cost, vibrant and unique gifts that you’ll do well to find on the high street, into this short blog so rest assured we’ll be back soon with more gift giving inspiration.

We’ll finish off by reminding you that The Lion Sparkles customer is unashamedly themselves and it’s your job to find a gift to match and compliment their inner magic. Visit our treasure trove of possibilities, aka and be sure to spread the word – we love to hear you ROAR!


Oh and let us just remind you of that FREE UK SHIPPING!

All the love

Beth Sparkle x

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