Pink Wings Mark II


Wanna know how it all began? I wrote this blog a year ago when I was at the early stages of plans to launch THE LION SPARKLES and I ran a social media campaign for Mums to feel confident expressing themselves through their fashion and that you may change but not to lose the essence of you. And this can apply to any big life change, not only motherhood…. I now find myself having had my surprise 6th (AND FINAL!) child and going through the same emotions again and this was great to read to remind myself it is all part of a cycle and I WILL be me again. Hoping it can help someone else too. Can’t quite decide right now what my Pink Wings will be this time…


Shoes, (specifically heels!), shopping, sparkles, animal print, pink…ask any of my friends what things remind them of me and these would be top of the list! From the time I was about 17 years old and learned that heels elongated the leg, and a bright sparkly pair could turn jeans into an evening outfit in a heartbeat, I have loved shoes. 

I was able to express myself by my shoe choice; colour, adornment, shape, all reflected my mood, my goal, my challenge, I felt like me in heels.  I was never seen in a flat shoe. Oh No! In a work environment heels made me feel confident, kept my shoulders up and straight (better than a book on my head) and at home or out I felt taller and slimmer!

Shoes were my thing.

When I found out I was pregnant for the first time, amongst all the usual mega worries you have for your teeny baby, growing inside, I was nervous I’d not be able to wear heels anymore! How awful is that??

I strode round the office in my confidence tickets right up until I started my maternity leave, 4 weeks before his due date.  I stepped down into flip-flops, privately, with great relief, the first day at home.

My world had changed forever.  Caught up in those first few months of new babyhood I didn’t really think about me, it was struggle enough getting dressed, let alone thinking about what shoes would boost my confidence that day! But as I emerged from the fuzz, I started the thought process I think most mothers do, although I didn’t know it at the time.  My scrummy baby boy was growing strong, doing what he was supposed to do at the times he was supposed to do them, according to the charts, and leaving the house was a slick operation, but who was I now?

Without my usual job, routine, environment (I had temporarily moved to France) my friends and family around me I struggled to find the anchors that defined me, in my head, on a daily basis.  My shoes and clothes were the familiar things I still had with me but it was confusing.  It wasn’t the me from before, it was me now, with a little baby and 5 inch heels, long sparkly earrings, and carefully chosen ensembles didn’t immediately blend well with bodily fluids, and walks in the garden to get my baby to sleep, (singing ‘there were two in the bed and the little one said..!)

So what did I do? I started from scratch.  Sporting a body I wasn’t happy with post birth, I began by building up a wardrobe to satisfy a black silhouette, black being the friend of all new mums! I built a new set of clothes, accessories and shoes to dress myself as a woman who was now a mother, helping to regain myself and feel confident, strong, resilient and empowered again.

It took me a long time and having had my 5th child, seven months ago, at the age of 42, I am now going through the same thing again. Arghh! But I know it will be ok now.  I know that you change, your body changes and you grow and things do get easier.

I know it’s still me inside no matter how many babies I have, and that’s why three months ago as a ‘Thanks for giving birth to our baby boy” present to myself (hahaha!) I bought the pink winged beauties in the picture…These bright, shiny, winged, colourful high shoes represent the woman and Mum I am and all the other Flippin Funky Mummas out there doing their thing in their own style!

I want to celebrate all Woman, all Mums and their style awesomeness and individuality. The Lion Sparkles has emerged from a strong desire and passion for women to find their identity and shout about it and celebrate it, feel fab about it and NEVER apologise for it. I want to give style inspiration to women  who may feel they’ve lost themselves after motherhood or other life changing event and need a kickstart on their style and for building confidence and regaining yourself the YOU that sparkles.

What are your pink wings?

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Pink winged shoes are Sophia Webster LOVE HER SHOES!

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